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From January 1, 2015, Federal Skilled Worker applications are being processed through the Express Entry selection system for immigration to Canada. Candidates eligible under the Federal Skilled Worker Program must first make an expression of interest in immigrating to Canada by creating an online Express Entry profile.

Benefits OF UK Talent Global Visa

  • You can work in UK for 5 years without a sponsor
  • Flexibility in terms of changing roles and organizations and as an alternative, one can apply for self-employment.
  • You have the liberty to start your own company based on your talent
  • Freedom to earn additional income as a consultant, which does not even require to be in the field that you were endorsed for.
  • There is no cap under this visa, which is why the visa holder can renew their visa after a duration of five years.
  • With this, you can even bring along your family members to come and stay with you in UK

Some of the brightest minds can conduct research


In order to apply for a UK Global Talent visa you will be required to endorse by major endorsing bodies. Ensure that you have thoroughly read through both the Global Talent Immigration Rules as well as the Home Office Guidance.

To apply for the Global Talent visa you will be required to undertake a two stage application process that needs to be followed:

Stage 1 – Endorsement Application

In subsequent applications, particular details of the application or each of the four endorsement routes under the Global Talent category are outlined. After which, the endorsing body that you have selected will send decision  pf endorsement to the Home Office, post which you will be notified by The Home Office in terms of the result of your submitted application. Make it a point not to contact the Home Office to check up on the progress of the application.

Stage 2 – Application for Immigration

Once your application is endorsed at the Stage 1 level, you can apply for Stage 2 on GOV.UK. For this, you will be required to present a copy of your endorsement letter. In this particular stage, The UK Home Office will review the immigration aspects pertaining to your application including whether the general grounds for application refusal apply and whether you are in UK already and whether or not you are eligible to switch in to Global Talent category from your current immigration category.

Keep in mind that you will not be able to live and work in UK as a Global Talent migrant till you have a successful stage 2 application.


  • You can apply for the Global Talent visa provided that you work in a qualifying field and as a result have been endorsed either as a recognised leader (exceptional talent), emerging leader (exceptional promise) or come under the option of UK Research and Innovation endorsed funder.
  • You must be outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.
  • Your application will be assessed by the official body which is related to your qualifying field
  • Some of these endorsing bodies are as following:
    1. The Royal Society, for science and medicine
    2. The Royal Academy of Engineering, for engineering
    3. The British Academy, for humanities
    4. Tech Nation, for digital technology
    5. Arts Council England, for Arts and Culture
    6. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), for research applicants
  • If you are applying in the field of fashion, architecture or film and television, the Arts Council of England will pass your application to be evaluated by:
    1. British Fashion Council, for fashion
    2. Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), for architecture
    3. Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT), for film and television
  • In order to apply for UK Global Talent visa for endorsement, you can use a valid endorsement which is given under old Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa rules/ For this, you will not be required to get a new endorsement under the Global Talent visa rules.
  • You can apply for endorsement online
  • In case you are a specialist in digital technology, you will be required to apply for a Tech Nation endorsement.


  • A current passport or other any kind of travel identification
  • Tuberculosis test results if you belong to a country which is undertaking the test
  • You will be required to provide a certified translation of any documents that are not either English or Welsh.
  • Depending upon your circumstances you have to provide additional documents


  • You can apply to stay within 1 to 5 years. You will be required to pay the healthcare surcharge for the duration of time you wish to reside.
  • You can apply to extend your visa as many times you like. Every extension can extend between 1 to 5 years.
  • You can apply for settlement once you have been in UK for 3 years with an exceptional talent visa, 3 years for exceptional talent endorsement in science, along with 3 years with an endorsement under UKRI endorsed funder scheme, and 5 years with an exceptional promise endorsement in either arts and culture or digital technology.
  • You will be required to pay a separate fee for two of the stages. At Stage 1 of the endorsement all the primary candidates will be required to pay £456 to get an endorsement while applying for the either first time or switching to the first category. You will not be getting a visa in case you are not endorsed.
  • At Stage 2 of the application payment depends upon the circumstances. If you are applying for yourself, the amount is £152, and if it is for all dependents then the amount totals up to £608.
  • As a part of your application you will be required to pay the healthcare surcharge
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