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Greece Golden Visa
Foreign nationals who can invest at least €250,000 in Greece can permanently relocate to Greece along with their family, travel across the Schengen countries, and generate steady returns on investment, by applying for the Greece Golden Visa. The visa is valid for five years, and can be renewed upon expiry. After seven years of residing in Greece, visa holders can apply for citizenship.

Europe Permanent Residency

  • Lowest-costing residency by investment program across Europe
  • Wide range of profitable investment options
  • One of the fastest residency procedures across the world
  • High investment returns at a relatively quick and reliable rate
  • Freedom of movement within the Schengen zone and visa-free travel across Europe
  • No obligation to visit or reside in Greece for maintaining or retaining the visa
  • Spouse/partner, dependent children, parents and parents in-law can immigrate with the investor
  • The Golden visa can be renewed an infinite number of times
  • Citizenship after 7 years of residence, dual citizenship is permitted
  • Highly efficient education and healthcare systems

Application Process

Step 1: Make the desired investment in Greece by visiting the country, surveying potential properties, opening a Greek bank account and transferring the investment funds to that account.

Step 2: Collect and prepare required documents to be attached to the visa application. Once the property is acquired or the business investment is made, the Golden visa application must be submitted.

Step 3: The applicant can get a temporary residence permit to enter Greece while the application is being processed. Once the investor and their family submit their biometrics, the Golden visa and permanent residence permit is usually issued within the next 20 days

Eligibility Requirements

The two main requirements are that the main applicant must be above 18 years of age, and the total investment amount must be €250,000 (approximately ₹2.1 crores) or more.

Investment Options

  1. Property Acquisition – investment in commercial or residential real estate as an individual, or jointly with others, or as a legal entity (if the investor owns 100% of the company’s shares). This is the most common pathway.
  2. General Investment – investment in a promising economic sector, by proposing a business venture suitable to the applicant’s needs and field of expertise.

Process Fee

The total fee including visa application, notary, government and lawyer’s fees for purchase of property is roughly €15,000 (approximately ₹13 lakhs). In addition, the Greek government charges 24% VAT on purchase of new properties.

Processing Time

The residency process under the Golden Visa can be completed within merely 40 to 60 days.

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