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Albania is a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic. It is a developing country, ranking 67th in the Human Development Index, with an upper-middle income ...
1 ALBANIA 1. Truck driver – starting salary 400$-700$ (food,

accommodation provided)

12 Months Location: Albania

Working hours: 48 (6 days/week/8hrs/day) Health insurance: provided

Transport: Provided

Joining and returned ticket: not provided

Annual paid leave: 2 weeks once completed 12 months of work contract Duration of contract: 2 years (it can be renewed if the you is willing to)

Salary increases: evaluation after completing 6 months of work. Based on performance, the salary will increase 20% – 50% more than the starting salary.



1 Period of contract First contract for one year
2 Place of employment Albania
3 Working Hours As per Albania Labour Code or Civil code (10 hours)
4 Over time As per Albania Labour Code Civil code
5 Probation Period 90 days
6 Resident Permit Provided by the Company.
7 Accommodation Provided by the Company fee mentioned.
8 Medical Insurance  Provided by the Company.
9 Local


For some positions provided by the Company
10 Food For some positions provided by the Company
11 Temporary Residence Card (TRC) Provided by the Company/ Depends on Employer
Top benefits of living and working abroad
  • Better self-esteem. …
  • New life skills. …
  • New perspective on life. …
  • Better communication skills. …
  • Better foreign language skills. …
  • Advantage over other jobseekers. …
  • Expand your professional network. …
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