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Turkey Citizenship By Investment

Foreign nationals can directly attain Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate in the country. The investor is not obligated to declare their assets or income generated outside Turkey and need not be physically present in Turkey to apply for citizenship.

A key benefit after obtaining Turkey citizenship is access to exclusive U.K. and USA immigration programs. These are two of the most popular immigration destinations with the most stringent immigration policies but have unique immigration pathways for Turkish passport holders.
  • Full citizenship for the investor and family members (spouse and children under 18). Citizenship can be passed down to future generations.
  • Low investment requirement: Purchase one property or multiple properties to meet the $250,000 investment requirement. No limit on the number or types of properties.
  • Fast application processing time – passport is granted within 60-90 days of application submission. The time leading to meeting application requirements, including investment, can be around three months.
  • Free healthcare and education.
  • High return on Turkey’s investment for citizenship: Wide range of properties – from apartments to luxury villas – available at competitive prices. Rent the property immediately, or sell – with assured returns – it after three years.
  • No residence requirement: Once receiving citizenship, the investor does not necessarily have to live in Turkey or on their investment property.
  • Turkey has a treaty of commerce and navigation with the USA. Turkish Citizens can move to the USA through the E-2 Visa by making a substantial capital investment in a commercial U.S. enterprise.
  • Turkish citizens can also move to the U.K. by applying for the Turkish Businessperson Visa to set up a business or run an existing business in the U.K.
  • By becoming a Turkey citizen by investment, you can enjoy visa-free travel to 110 countries across Europe, Asia, and North and South America.
  • Turkey allows for dual citizenship. More than 700,000 ex-pats reside in Turkey, and roughly 60,000 international companies operate in Turkey. Dubains should, however, note that our Government does not permit dual citizenship, and they will be required to surrender the Dubain passport should they opt for citizenship of another country.
  • No double taxation – if you pay taxes on income earned within Turkey to the country where you reside, you will not be taxed again by the Turkish Government.
  • No language proficiency requirements.
  • Turkey has a stable economy and political climate and is well-located between West Asia, Europe, and the Middle East – offering transnational market access.
  • Turkey has a mild climate, scenic locations, and high quality of life.
  • Turkey has a very vibrant economy with infinite possibilities to start a new business or buy an established company. One can also use Turkey’s base to expand business in middle-east, countries in the Russian bloc, and Japan.

Eligibility Requirements

Purchase one or more residential or commercial properties in Turkey to total $250,000 (₹1.8 crores) or more.

Application Process

Step 1: Identify Investment Options

Select suitable properties for Turkey immigration by investment, with our exclusive affiliates in Turkey. They are Turkey’s leading real estate and investment immigration consultancy.

Step 2: Make the Investment

Invest a total of at least $250,000 (₹1.8 Crore) in one or more Turkish properties before proceeding with the citizenship application.

Step 3: Apply for a Residence Permit

To apply for citizenship, investors must have a valid residence permit, obtained once the investment has been made.

Step 4: Apply for Citizenship

Once you receive the residence permit, you can directly apply for citizenship without appearing for an interview or being physically present in Turkey. The citizenship application will usually be processed within three months from the time of application submission.

Step 5: Obtain the Turkish Passport

Once the application is approved, the passport is issued. It allows investors and their families to enjoy Turkish citizens’ rights. This is besides possibilities to explore further immigration options for moving to the USA or the U.K.

Move to the USA as a Turkish Citizen

Since Turkey maintains a visa treaty with the USA, Turkish citizens can invest a significant amount (typically $120,000 (≈₹87 lakhs) or more) in owning at least 50% share of a U.S. business and obtain the E-2 visa. This visa allows foreign investors to live, work and study in the USA for two years initially. The permit can be further extended an unlimited number of times. The visa application can process within as few as three months.

Move to the U.K. as a Turkish Citizen

Through the Turkish Businessperson Visa, Turkish nationals can establish a business in the U.K. or participate in the running of an existing U.K. business. There is no fixed investment requirement, but applicants must submit a business plan, proof of business premises, proof of funds, and HMRC documents to demonstrate financial self-sufficiency. Initially, the visa is valid for 12 months. It can further extend for three years. After five years of residing in the U.K., the businessperson can apply to settle in the U.K permanently.

Why Choose Abhinav?

With more than 28 years of experience in representing the immigration ( applications of skilled professionals, businesspersons, investors, high net-worth individuals, and innovators, our investment and business visa consultants use a detail-oriented, lawful approach towards securing foreign residency and citizenship. Our well-established international associates’ network offers on-ground support in the destination country to make the process more efficient for investors and entrepreneurs. We believe in securing application approval and setting up our clients and their families for a prosperous and stable future overseas – with professional assistance at every step.

Affiliation with My Turkish Passport

Our exclusive affiliation with the world’s leading Turkish citizenship consultancy safeguards your investment and citizenship application. The consultants have 15 years of experience in investment immigration and real estate investment – and offer a wide-ranging portfolio of properties suitable for investment. In 2019, My Turkish Passport successfully helped 750 foreign nationals gain Turkey citizenship by investment. They are well-equipped to identify appropriate investment option3s and provide reliable guidance throughout the immigration process. They also offer expert assistance for achieving your long-term immigration goals by filing an E-2 Visa application for moving to the USA or a Turkish Businessperson Visa application for moving to the U.K.

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