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Canada - Immigration

Canada Self Employed As a Self-Employed professional, business immigration to Canada can be possible under a unique Immigration pathway without any worry of minimum investment or net-worth requirements. You must be able to demonstrate how you will be able to contribute to Canada's artistic cultural and lifestyle.
  • Upon selection, unconditional Canada Business PR Visa will be granted for the applicants and dependents along with the world class and highly rewarded PR benefits.
  • No minimum investment and net-worth requirement is the primary benefit of this program
  • Canada provides rewarding opportunities for being a self-employed to expand your business activities in the most business friendly nation in the world
  • Under this program, you are not required to acquire any job offer and there are no conditions on your PR status in Canada.
  • Canada Self-Employed Program Settlement Funds Requirements

Under this Canada business immigration entrepreneur  program for Self-employed, there is no minimum requirement of Investment, but one must have settlement funds to support your initial stay in Canada:

  • Single Applicant – CAD 12,960
  • Family of 2 – CAD 16,135
  • Family of 3 – CAD 19,836
  • Family of 4 – CAD 24,083
  • Family of 5 – CAD 27,315
  • Family of 6 – CAD 30,806
  • Family of 7 – CAD 34,299
  • For each additional family member – CAD 3,492

Who Can Apply For Canada Self-Employed Program

Under this program, your experience must fall under the categories of Art, Culture, Recreation and Sport, Below is the detailed list of eligible Occupation and their corresponding NOC Codes:

Occupations & NOC selected under Canada Self-Employed Program (Professional Occupations) Occupations & NOC selected under Canada Self-Employed Program (Technical Occupations)
5111 – Librarians 5211 – Library & Public Archive Technicians
5112 – Conservators and Curators 5212 – Occupations in Museums and Art Galleries
5113 – Archivists 5221 – Photographers
5121 – Authors and Writers 5222 – Film and Video Camera Operators
5122 – Editors 5223 – Graphic Arts Technicians
5123 – Journalists 5224 – Broadcast Technicians
5124 – Public Relations and Communications 5225 – Audio & Video Recording Technicians
5125 – Translators, Terminologists & Interpreters 5226 – Motion Pictures, Broadcasting and Performing Arts Professionals
5131- Producers, Directors, Choreographer 5227 – Support in Motion Pictures, Broadcasting and the Performing Arts
5132 – Conductors, Composers & Arrangers 5231 – Announcers and Other Broadcasters
5133 – Musicians & Singers 5232 – Other Performers
5134 – Dancers 5241 – Graphic Designers and Illustrators
5135 – Actors and Comedians 5242 – Interior Designers & Interior Decorators
5136 – Painters, Sculptors and Other Visual Artists 5243 -Theatre, Fashion, Exhibit and Creative Designers
5244 – Artisans and Craftspersons
5245 – Patternmakers – Textile, Leather and Fur Products
5251 – Athletes
5252 – Coaches
5253 – Sports Officials and Referees
5254 – Program Instructor in recreation Sport & Fitness

Canada Self-Employed Permanent Residence Program – Application Process

 First Stage – Gather All The Documents

  • Must arrange all the supporting documents listed in the Document Check list of Canada self-employed visa process.

 Second Stage – Fill the Application Form

 Third Stage – Application Fees

 Fourth Stage – Submit the Application

Canada Self-Employed Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Must score minimum points of 35 on the point assessment grid of the program based on the factor of Age, education, experience, language and adaptability.
  • Applicant must possess minimum two years of relevant work experience or demonstrate two years of participation in a Global level Event in claimed field of self-employment. Farm operating professionals must also prove two years of farm management experience.
  • Applicants must maintain sufficient settlement funds to support their initial stay in Canada
  • They must demonstrate their lawful intention to establish a business or make significant contribution to the artistic, cultural, athletic or farming life of Canada.

Canada Self-Employed Documents Requirement

  • Proof of earned educational credentials (Certificates, Diplomas, Degree, transcripts, etc.)
  • Language Proficiency Test Results Copy (not older than 2 years) – IELTS or CELPIP, TEF for French
  • Proof of relevant experience in your domain in the last 5 years
  • If applicable, proof of spouse’s documents (studies and employment)
  • Travel Documents and passports of Self and spouse
  • Police Certificates or other clearances
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Child’s birth certificates
  • Joint bank account statements and utility bills
  • 2 passport size photos for each applicant and dependents

Canada Self-Employed Program Processing Fee & Processing Time

Application Fees:

  • Primary Applicant – Processing Fee (CAD 1050) + Right of permanent residence fee (CAD 490) = 1,540 (Total)
  • Spouse – Processing Fee (CAD 550) + Right of permanent residence fee (CAD 490) = 1,040 (Total)
  • Dependent Child – CAD 150 per child

Biometric Fees:

  • Single Applicant – CAD 85
  • Family of 2 or more people – CAD 170

Additional Fees for Medical Examination, PCC and Language Examination

The processing time for the program depends on various factors and complexity of the application. However, as per the recent trends Canada Self Employed Processing time takes up to 24-36 months. For faster process, it is advisable to hire the services of a registered Canada business visa consultant.

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