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Lithunia Jobs

Lithuania covers an area of 65,300 km2 (25,200 sq mi), with a population of 2.8 million. Its capital and largest city is Vilnius
Lithunia 712613 Plumber
Lithunia 712623 Technologocial Pipelines and equipment Installer
Lithunia 712607 Ventilaton Duct Installer
Lithunia 712618 Locksmith for Ventilation Systems
Lithunia 712619 Plumbing systems and equipment installer
Lithunia 712622 Plumber
Lithunia 721206 Welder
Lithunia 721212 Electric Welder
Lithunia 721213 Gas Welder
Lithunia 721215 Electric Welder by hand
Lithunia 721214 Gas and Electric Welder
Lithunia 721403 Installer of Metal Structures
Lithunia 721402 Steel Structure Assembler ( Installer)
Lithunia 721419 Locksmith for Assembling Metal Structures
Lithunia 741101 Electrician
Lithunia 741102 Building Electrician
Lithunia 741104 Electrical Installation of Buildings
Lithunia 834311 mobile crane operator.
Lithunia Driver 2000 Euros



1 Period of contract First contract for one year
2 Place of employment Lithunia.
3 Working Hours As per Lithunia Labour Code or Civil code (10 hours)
4 Over time As per Lithunia Labour Code Civil code
5 Probation Period 90 days
6 Resident Permit Provided by the Company.
7 Accommodation Provided by the Company fee mentioned.
8 Medical Insurance  Provided by the Company.
9 Local


For some positions provided by the Company
10 Food For some positions provided by the Company
11 Temporary Residence Card (TRC) Provided by the Company/ Depends on Employer
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