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A Complete Guide for USA Visitor Visa from Dubai- 2022

The United States of America usually referred to as the United States, USA or US is a country in North America. From iconic landmarks like the Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Niagara Falls, Walt Disney Resort to extravagant scenery and a variety of culinary offerings, the United States has much more to offer to its tourists. With approximately 79.3 million visitors in 2019, the USA is listed as the third most popular travel destination.

Are you planning a visit to the USA in the near future? Then you are on the right page. Keep reading the article to get a better insight on how to apply USA tourist visas from Dubai.

USA Tourist Visa for Dubains
All Dubains are required to hold a tourist visa, also known as a non-immigrant visa, to visit the USA. B2 category tourist visas are issued to people visiting the US for reasons like tourism, medical treatment, visiting friends or family and participation in social events or concerts.

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6 Most Important Documents Needed to Apply for a US Tourist Visa:
A valid Passport – The visitor’s passport should be valid for a minimum of six months beyond the period of stay in the USA.
All old passports of the visitor are required.
A colour photograph of the candidate in the size 22mm*35mm that was taken within the last six months. The background of the photo should either be off-white or white. To know all the photo requirements please visit Travel. State. Gov.
Fully completed and signed Non-immigrant visa application form (Form DS-160).
A valid fee receipt, as a proof that the candidate has paid the tourist visa application fee.
Supporting documents:
Certain supporting documents like a travel itinerary, proof of funds (bank statements), and a PAN card can be required if the reason for visiting is tourism.
If the purpose is participation in social events or visiting family or friends, supporting documents like a letter stating the purpose of the visit, and proof of the event can be required. The applicants must note that a Letter of Invitation is not compulsory to apply for a USA tourist visa.
If the purpose of the visit is medical treatment, supporting documents like medical documents can be required.
How Much Does it Cost to Apply for a USA Tourist Visa:
The candidate is required to pay an application fee of 160 US Dollars. The application fee is non-transferable and non-refundable irrespective of whether the tourist visa is approved or not. Once the tourist visa is approved, the candidate may have to pay a visa issuance fee.

How to Apply for a USA Tourist Visa from Dubai?
Follow the steps below to apply for a USA tourist visa from Dubai:

Step 1: Gather all the required documents for USA visa. After getting an understanding of all the required documents, the candidate should be ready with all the documents before they start the application process.

Step 2: Complete your application Download and carefully fill in the Non-immigrant visa application form (Form DS-160). For a better understanding, it is recommended that the candidate reads the guidelines for completing the DS-160 Form.

Step 3: Pay the application fee Once the candidate completes filling out the application, it is obligatory for the candidate to pay the visa application fee. The fee can be paid using options like the NEFT payment system, payment by mobile phone, or payment at Axis bank/ Canara Bank/ Druk bank.

Step 4: Schedule the appointment After paying the application fee, the candidate can book an appointment. The candidate is expected to book two appointments, one for Visa Application Center and the other for a visa interview.

Step 5: Attend the scheduled visa interview Lastly, the candidate will be interviewed by the US embassy officer. It is mandatory for the candidate to carry documents like their passport, appointment confirmation page, DS-160 confirmation page, as well as one photograph.

Note: It is not required for children younger than 14 years to attend the visa interview. The documents can be submitted by their parents.

Step 6: Track your application

If the tourist visa of the candidate is approved, they can collect it from the pickup location selected by them during the application process.

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What is the Processing Time of a USA Tourist Visa?
The ideal processing time of the USA tourist visa from Dubai is anywhere between three to five days. However, a delay can be expected in certain scenarios. It is suggested that the visitor starts their immmigraion application process at least 6-8 weeks before they plan to visit the country.

How Long can a Visitor Stay in the US with a Tourist Visa?
A US visitor visa is valid for up to 10 years. Every individual with a valid tourist visa is allowed a stay time of 6 months on every visit.

Why is a US Visitor Visa Rejected?
A US tourist visa application may be rejected in situations where:

The candidate has provided inadequate or inappropriate information.
The candidate has financial instability.
The candidate has overstayed in their previous visit.
The candidate is convicted of a crime
The candidate has applied for the wrong type of visa.
How to Apply for a Tourist Visa Extension?
A visitor can extend their B2 visa for an additional six months by providing a valid reason. The candidate must fill in Form I-539 and submit their request to extend the tourist visa. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services recommends submitting an extension 45 days before the expiration date.

Is a Tourist Visa open for the USA from Dubai, 2022?
Yes, US borders have opened for tourism and other short-term visits. Applications for US visitor visas are being accepted and processed as of April 2022.

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To apply for a USA tourist visa and for additional information get in touch with our authorized USA Visitor Visa experts here at Global Tree.

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