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France Talent Residence Permit

France is known as the paradise of art, music and culture coupled with its vivid and vibrant history of architecture. The country is already a tourism heaven receiving more than 89 million tourists every year. France is trying to navigate in all directions to make the country attractive for foreign investments and business talents. For this purpose, France has come up with a unique business visa pathway that will allow Business professionals, Self-employed professionals, highly skilled professionals and self-employed artist to attain French Permanent Residency.

The passeport talent visa is a known as the long-term visa or residence permit which can be renewable up to 4 years. This can be extended further upon declaring a successful business operation. With 5 years of uninterrupted residence in France, you can apply for resident card that are issued for 10 years
  • The best feature of this pathway is that you can bring your family members and reside in France with multi-year residence permits.
  • You will have unlimited Visa Free access to all the Schengen Countries
  • After continuous residence of 5 year, you can apply for 10 year Residence Card
  • You can avail free access to top notch medical benefits and French education system for all those who are working and living in France.
  • The country has business friendly environment accommodating innovative schemes and new laws to boost economic activity and improve focus on start-ups and accelerator funding.
  • It has an advanced transportation system with well-maintained roads, international airports and a fast train network.
  • You will have wide range of housing options from the old charm house to new apartments without burning a hole in your pocket.


Self-employed person or engage in a liberal profession

  • If you plan to create a business in France or take control of an existing business, then you need to:
    1. Invest minimum EUR 30,000 in a project
    2. Have degree equivalent to master’s degree or have minimum 5 years of professional experience
    3. The nature of the business can be commercial, artisanal or industrial
  • If you plan to make a direct economic investment, then you need to:
    1. Must invest in a company that you run personally or your own minimum 30% of the capital.
    2. You must make investment of minimum €300,000 and create employment.
  • If you plan to engage in an innovative economic project recognized by a public body, then you need to:
    1. Demonstrate the documents establishing its innovative nature, object and duration of the project proving that has been recognized by a public body
    2. Must justify that you are making minimum French wage €1500 monthly.
  • If you plan to join French company as a corporate appointment, then you must have:
    1. Worked in the same company as an employee or corporate officer for minimum three months
    2. Salary equal to the three times the minimum legal wage in France

Self-employed performer or performer who created literary or artistic work

  • If you plan to work as self-employed performer in France, then you must be:
    1. A singer/performer or the author of a literacy or artistic work
    2. Employed or self-employed
    3. Must earn minimum monthly gross salary of € 1064.85

A professional with national or international reputation

  • If you plan to involve in an activity linked to your national or international reputation, then you must:
    1. engage in the fields of arts, science, academia, literature, education or sports
    2. prove the sufficient means of minimum legal wage equivalency
    3. Explain professional environment, nature, purpose and duration of your project on French territory


Step 1 – Arrange all the documents as per the document checklist needed for desired category.

Step 2 – Submit the application along with the application fees at your nearest French Consulate.

Step 3 – Upon approval, you will receive the Long-stay visa for longer than three months.

Step 4 – Once you arrive in France, within 3 months you need to apply for Residence Permit from department of residence in your prefecture which is valid for 4 years.


  • Duly filled Application Form for a French Long Stay Visa
  • Two passport sized photos (no older than three months) of each member.
  • Valid passport with minimum two blank pages
  • Travel Medical Insurance with a cover of minimum €30,000
  • Complete Itinerary of your initial stay in France
  • Proof of funds (banks statements)
  • Proof of accommodation where you will be staying in France:
  • Certificate of reception “Attestation d’accueil”, issued by the person to accommodate
  • Rental contract – “Bail de location” for rented place
  • Certificate of title for a property – if you are the owner of a house/apartment in France.
  • Dubain PCC – showing that candidate has clean criminal records
  • Proof of visa fee payment receipt.


According to the guidelines, applicants must pay a fee of €200 to the French Immigration and Citizenship Office when the permit is issued. In addition to this, administrative cost of €225 is charges and authorizing entry fees of €99. The entire application processing can be completed within 3 months.
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