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Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship By Investment

The 2 Islands of Antigua and Barbuda together form the Caribbean nation that became independent in 1981. The country is known for its rich sea food, classic rums and the joyful people. Antigua and Barbuda offers the most affordable route known as Antigua citizenship by investment for immigrants to become a citizen of the country along with the entire family at a minimal investment of $100,000 (nearly 75 lakhs). The process is smooth and not time-taking and the investment is to be made only after the citizenship application is approved.

The Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program offered has some striking benefits such as –

  • Direct citizenship with citizenship with passport to the main applicant and family
  • The Antigua and Barbuda passport offers visa-free or visa-on-arrival to 151 countries that includes EU, UK, Hong-Kong and Singapore
  • The passport can be availed in just 4 months for the entire family
  • The investment period is less, only 5 years if invested in property
  • Taxation is less – no tax on income, wealth and inheritance
  • Physical residency is not a requirement under this program
  • One needs to invest only after the citizenship application approval has been received

Eligibility Requirements of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

  • The applicant has to be 18 years of age and above
  • Meet the application requirements and there are three options available for investment –
    • Purchasing real estate by investing minimum of USD 200,000 (INR 1.5 crores) in an approved real estate project. This property cannot be disposed of within 5-year period.
    • Purchasing an eligible business directly as an individual with the minimum investment of USD 1.5 million (INR 11.3 crores). There can be a joint purchase as well that amounts to USD 5 million (INR 37.6 crores) in total where each individual contributes at least USD 400,000 (INR 3 crores).
    • Contributing to the National Development Fund a minimum of USD 100,000 (INR 75 lacs), which is a non-refundable amount. This is a special fund with the objective of funding government-sponsored projects.
    • Contributing to the University of West Indies a minimum of USD 150,000 (INR 1 crore approximately), which is again a non-refundable amount

Application Process of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

The process to apply for Antigua Business Visa (Citizenship by Investment) is as undermentioned –

  • Start by preparing for the documents that are in the checklist
  • Once you have all the original documents, submit your application to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda as required under the law
  • After submission, the application is processed through a diligence background check by the Government officials. Interview is not requirement as of now.
  • After the application is reviewed by the Government, the applicant will be issued a letter of advising stating the decision.
  • Post the receiving of the decision of approval, the investment is to be made according to the option you choose as stated above
  • When the investment is completed and verified, citizen certificate will be issued and you will have to submit the application of passport thereafter. This does not require a visit to Antigua and passport will be couriered to your address given.

Processing Time of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

The processing time of the Antigua investment visa is approximately three to four months. The first two to three months includes submission of your application, processing and receiving the pre-approval. Another one month’s time is the compliance time to complete the investment. Therefore, you can have Antigua and Barbuda passport in three to four months on an average.

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