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Canada Intra-Company Transfer

Canada Intra Company Transfer Visa is a unique permanent residency pathway for highly skilled professionals and business people who wish to transfer to the parent company or branch in Canada. Under the pathway, international companies can move their employees who have the skills and experience to run the branch or subsidiary in Canada. The applicants must be willing to transfer the skills and knowledge in Canada.

The program is similar to the United States L-1 Visa and the United Kingdom’s Sole Representative Visa that allows the highly skilled professionals of the overseas business to take the transfer in these countries. The nature of the visa is a work permit which is LMIA-Exempt that makes the process very smooth. After getting the work permit, selected applicants can apply for permanent residency in Canada along with their family members.

Who can apply for a Canada Intra Company Transfer visa?

1) Executives

2) Senior Managers

3) Specialized knowledge workers

You can get Canada Work Permit for five years (Specialized Knowledge workers) and seven years (Executive and Senior Managers).

What are the benefits of a Canada Intra-Company Transfer visa?

1) Unlike the Canada Investment Visa, there is no Investment and no minimum Net-worth requirement under the program

2) Business professionals can use the pathway to move to Canada, set up a branch, and employ themselves in the department and transfer to Canada.

3) You can get an immediate transfer to parent company or branch in Canada

4) Applicants can receive Work Permit with LMIA exemption, making the process Less stringent and quicker

5) Your spouse will be eligible for an open work permit, and children will get Canada study permit

6) Swiftest route to receive Canadian Residency after attaining the necessary CRS points with work permit provision

7) You can get provincial Health coverage of entire family along with Free Education Facilities for children

8) Get unconditional Canadian citizenship and associated benefits by meeting the residency requirements

What are the Intra Company Transfer Canada requirements?

1) Must be employed by an international company currently and wish to enter Canada to work in a parent, subsidiary or branch in Canada of that overseas company

2) Your chosen company in Canada must have a qualifying relationship and will be undertaking employment operations at a legitimate establishment of that company

3) Must be employed continuously in the overseas parent company in a similar full-time position for minimum one year in the last three years

4) Must undertake the role of an executive, senior managerial, or specialized knowledge capacity in the transferring company

5) Must have the senior-level skills and expertise to work in the Canadian branch and transfer the skills

6) Unlike PNP Entrepreneur Program Canada, you don’t need invest in this program

How to attain Canadian Permanent Residency with Intra-Company Transfer?

You can apply for the LMIA-Exempt Work Permit under the Intra-Company Transfer program if you meet the requirements mentioned above. Business professionals can move to Canada if you set up a branch in Canada and ready to transfer yourself to that branch. You can get five years or seven years permit as per their profile category under this program. Once you complete one year of residence in Canada and attain Canadian experience, you can gain additional CRS points under Canada Express Entry Process. You can achieve additional 50 or 200 CRS points according to your NOC. The additional points can secure your Canada Permanent Residency.

If you still struggle to fetch the desired score, you can apply for the Canadian Experience Class, which only allows candidates who have Canadian experience. Once you stay 1095 days in Canada within five years with your Canadian PR Visa, you can eventually apply for Canada Citizenship

What are the documents required for intracompany transfer to Canada?

1) Under Intra Company Transfer Visa program, you must provide evidence stating that you are currently working with the MNC outside Canada that wishes to transfer you to Canada

2) Experience documents stating one year (full-time) in similar position within the three years

3) Brief on the designation, place in the company, job description and responsibilities of the employee

4) Demonstrate employee’s intended position in Canada

5) Arrangements for salary and payment

6) Employee’s length of intended stay in Canada

8) Evidence of relationship between the company in Canada and the foreign company

9) Proof of business and trade between both companies

10) Documentation stating the employee’s specialized knowledge

What is the processing time of Canada intra-company transfer?

According to the trends and statistics, the application process and time for the Intra-Company Transfer program will take around three months. However, there are priority processing options only for those visa-exempt countries. And, they can receive the decision on their application as quickly as two weeks.

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