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Spain Entrepreneur Visa

spain entrepreneur visa: Do you wish to set up a business in Spain and obtain permanent residency? Spain Entrepreneur Visa program is for those investors, entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, researchers, and innovative workers who want to develop their entrepreneurial business activity in the country and attain residence permits and their families. The residence permit is granted for two years with a provision for renewal as long as you set up your business in the Spanish country.

The entrepreneur visa rule was implemented in 2013, modeled after the entrepreneur programs of other developed countries. In the early 1970s, countries like Canada and Australia began attracting entrepreneurs who could bring innovative business ideas and concepts that would help generate new jobs in the economy. It offers a fast-track immigration route known as Ley de Emprendedores.

Like the Spain Startup Visa, you can apply with your spouse, minor children, or dependent ascendants who will also be allowed to work legally.

What are the benefits of obtaining a Spain Entrepreneur Visa?

    • The entrepreneur program boasts a faster application process with under only three months
    • Under the regular Spanish residence card, applicants will have to spend a minimum of 183 days per year. Whereas under the entrepreneur visa, the applicant is only required to visit the country once a year.
    • You can include your family members under this program that provides for the spouse, minor children, or dependent ascendants
    • Applicants and their family members will have the right to work, live and study in the country
    • You will have access to the attractive business market and abundant business opportunities to set up your business under Spain Entrepreneur Visa
    • Experience the low cost of living, safe environment, high standard of living, and presence of a highly qualified workforce.

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    What are the eligibility requirements of a Spanish Entrepreneur Visa?

    To receive the approval, applicants must meet the below Spain Entrepreneur Visa eligibility requirements and guidelines:

    • Must be of minimum 18 years of age to apply for the program
    • Draft a detailed business plan to start a business in Spain by outlining the below factors:
    • business activity
    • location and planned legal form of the company
    • Description of the estimated number of jobs to be created
    • Promotion activities and sales strategy
    • Description of the product or service
    • Market analysis and assessment
    • Financing: investment required, sources of funding, and financial plan
    • The added value for the Spanish economy
    • Obtain public or private health insurance that is operating in Spain
    • Have proof of funds of EU 2130 monthly (Self) and EUR 532 for each family member to support themselves
    • Acquire report on entrepreneurial activity issued by the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office
    • Have a clean criminal record validated by a Criminal record certificate to meet the Spain entrepreneur visa requirements
    • Must create employment for Spaniards and contribute to the country’s economy

    Translate all the documents into Spanish by a sworn translator before submission.

    How to apply for a Spanish entrepreneur visa?

    To complete the application, applicants must follow the below detailed Spain Entrepreneur Visa process:

    • Draft the business plan for the new business in Spain
    • Making an appointment at the Spanish consulate in the country of residence
    • Get the business plan assessed by the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office in the home country
    • Receive the positive report of “Entrepreneurial Activity of Interest” from the office
    • Arrange all documents for the entrepreneur visa at the Spanish Consulate in the home country
    • Receive your visa within 10 to 15 days of processing time
    • You will receive the initial one year visa to set up the business in Spain
    • Residency permit applications must be submitted to the UGE, which will be granted for two years
    • You can move to Spain to set up your business and apply for a residency permit
    • Successful business owners operating in Spain can renew their entrepreneurial visa status
    • Extend the visa for another two years by demonstrating that the company is running fruitfully and adding to the economy

    After five years of residency in Spain, the entrepreneur can apply for a long-term residence permit.

    What are the required documents?

    • Duly filled Application form
    • Proof of payment of the application fee
    • The favorable report accepting that your entrepreneurship business plan
    • Similar to the Spain Startup Visa, submit complete passport copies
    • Proof of funds means to support yourself and your family during the two years
    • Private medical insurance with no deductibles with a Spanish company
    • Criminal record certificate.

    What are the Major Industries in Spain?

    • ICT
    • Automotive and mobility
    • Renewable Energy
    • Life Sciences
    • Tourism and Leisure
    • Agri-food
    • Aerospace
    • Transport and Logistics
    • Audiovisual
    • Chemical Industry
    • Equipment, plants & machinery
    • Retail, electronics, and engineering
    • Shipbuilding
    • Textile
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