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Austria Citizenship By Investment

While there is no particular Austria investor visa program, the country does present a viable citizenship via investment opportunity for foreign nationals to make an active investment to contribute to the Austrian economy and generate employment.

It is important to note that this pathway is not very clearly defined, and investors may also want to consider other business immigration options like the Austria Startup Visa or the Australia Self Employed Visa, which are more predictable.
  • Direct access to citizenship, no requirement of prior residence in Austria
  • No need to renounce present citizenship
  • Live, work and do business freely in Austria and across the European Union and in Switzerland
  • Family members can accompany the investor
  • Visa-free/visa-on-arrival travel to 187 countries, including USA
  • Citizenship by descent is passed on to future generations
  • Fertile environment for business expansion and growth
  • Social security benefits and high quality of life

Eligibility Requirements of Austrian citizenship by Investment

  • If the investment is being directly injected into a business, the required amount is € 10 million. These funds should be invested in venture capital or innovative business(es) within an industry that is given priority or importance by the Austrian government. Alternatively, a contribution of € 3 million towards the Austrian government’s development fund may also be considered.
  • For this Austria business visa, capital contribution is not the only criteria for award of citizenship. In addition to the investment, the immigrant must also make extraordinary contributions like introducing new technology or creating a significant number of jobs in Austria.
  • The applicant will also have to display a clear criminal record, standard documents (passport, birth and marriage certificates, CV, references, etc.) and provide information regarding their business background.

Application Process of Austrian citizenship by Investment

The process takes at least 24 to 36 months, as it involves considerable amount of preparation and planning. Once the investment opportunities have been explored and all documents have been collected, an application can be submitted to the Austrian government. Successful applicants are granted full citizenship status by the government, and can immediately apply for a passport, which is issued within a few days.

How Abhinav can help you for Austrian citizenship by Investment

The Austria Investment visa process involves several procedures and requires government approval at various stages. Thus, it is essential to follow proper and legitimate guidance to ensure that the process is being navigated as per lawful norms. At we direct knowledge gained over 28 years of rigorous experience towards creating a customized application for each aspirant, so that approvals from key authorities are obtained and the investment is safeguarded.

We help aspirants identify investment opportunities, coordinate with government ministries, and finally submit a complete application to the government. This gradual application-building mechanism is the secret to success in citizenship by investment procedures. The consultants at Abhinav help applicants understand and pursue this journey with full support, and without false guarantees.

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