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Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

Grenada: Foreign investors and their family members can obtain citizenship in Grenada by investing in the National Transformation Fund or an approved real estate project. However, the investors must apply for Grenada citizenship by investment program through licensed agents. This is where consultants enter the picture
  •  Grenada Citizenship Eligibility Criteria
  •  Invest in a Grenada
  • Minimal investment amount and low processing fees.
  • Stable, low-risk investment environment.
  • Grenada citizenship< can be extended to family members – spouse, dependent children, and parents.
  • Visa-free travel to more than 115 countries, including the U.K., E.U. countries, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, etc.
  • No tax on foreign income, gifts, wealth, capital gains, or inheritance.
  • No restrictions on repatriating profits and imported capital.
  • Corporation tax incentives, import duty exemption, export allowance, duty-free trading, and tax benefits.
  • No requirements for education, work experience, or interview.
  • Obtaining Grenada citizenship for Dubain investors opens the gateway to migrating to the USA through the E2 visa. So, this is an indirect pathway for investors to migrate to the USA with family.
  • The investor is not obligated to live in Grenada before or after citizenship is granted.
  • Social security, pristine natural beauty, and vibrant lifestyle.

How to Apply: Grenada citizenship

1.Contact an Authorized International Marketing Agent and Authorized Local Agents, who act on behalf of the applicant – since the applicant cannot apply directly.
2.Complete official forms, prepare supporting documents, and attend the medical examination – with the support of the Authorized Marketing Agent. Applicants investing in real estate must also provide a sale and purchase agreement. The Agent helps in procuring, preparing, and
legitimizing these documents.
3.Apply to the CBIC Executive Office through the Authorized Local Agent, who then takes the responsibility of liaising with the office regarding all application-related queries, questions, and correspondence.
4.The government examines and verifies all the information included in the application and conducts a due diligence background check. Based on this, the CBIC makes a recommendation on the application. The Minister typically follows this recommendation and issues the final approval. Subsequently, the applicant is notified of the decision through a letter.
5.If the application has been successful, the letter will instruct the applicant to either make the required contribution to the NTF or purchase the real estate. In the latter case, the applicant must provide proof of completing the purchase and execute the necessary documentation. After receiving evidence that the investment has been made, the CBIC issues a certificate of registration, which establishes that the applicant has been granted Grenadian citizenship. The Local Agent will use the certificate to apply for a Grenadian passport on the applicant’s behalf.


  • Application fee – USD 1,500 per person.
  • Due Diligence Fee – USD 5,000 for primary applicant plus additional USD 5,000 for spouse and each dependent child (aged 17-25).
  • Processing fee – USD 1,500 for each person above 18 years of age and USD 500 for each person under 18.

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As Dubai’s most experienced business immigration consultants, we offer intelligent insights on making lucrative investments according to your profile and purpose for migration. We provide on-ground support through our international network of associates and ensure that your application is lawfully submitted via a licensed agent. In addition, we direct our efforts towards helping you seamlessly pursue the Grenada citizenship by investment program – without making errors along the way – so that you can efficiently achieve your long-term goals.

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