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Ireland Start Up Visa

Ireland Startup Visa Bought into the picture by the Irish Government in 2012, the Ireland Startup Entrepreneur Visa Programme is an Ireland Business Visa that allows experienced business people with an innovative business plan to obtain a permanent residence for a long term in Ireland.

To take advantage of this product, you should plan to launch a ‘new or innovative product or service’ to International markets and have €50,000 in start-up funds. This business type could be brand new or an existing one for which you have planned to relocate to Ireland. Overseas entrepreneurs can very well obtain for themselves a temporary residence permit in Ireland ( Ireland Startup Visa).

Eligibility Requirements to apply for Ireland start-up entrepreneur visa

Ireland Entrepreneur Visa

1) The applicant for this start-up visa should have minimum funding of €50,000 in available funds to set up or relocate their business.

2) The funding can be sourced from your own funds, business loan, Angel investor or venture capital funding, or a grant from the Irish State Agency.

3) If these are own funds, they must be kept in a financial institution regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. For this, you must show a letter from the institution confirming the available funds.

4) If the funds are present in a financial institution regulated by a domestic regulator, not in Ireland, you are supposed to show a letter from the institution stating that the funds can be transferred to Ireland and converted into Euros.

5) Letter from institution declaring that your account comprises funds for a minimum of 3 months before the letter’s date.

6) Bank statements indicate that the funds have been present in your account for a minimum of 3 months before the latest statement date. This statement should be one month old during the time of the application.

7) If you are sourcing funds from a loan, angel investor, venture capital firm, or Irish State agency, or any combination, then you must have a letter from every source of your funding. The letter must declare the amount of available funds provided to you and confirm that they would be used for a proposed business.

8) A comprehensive health insurance

9) Have no previous criminal record or have been convicted of criminal offenses in any jurisdiction

10) Have an innovative business proposal

How to Apply for Ireland start-up entrepreneur visa

How to Apply for Ireland Startup Visa

Step 1: You will be required to submit an online application for this Ireland Business Visa via email. Along with that, you must attach the supporting documentation listed in the Guidelines, which would comprise the €50,000 funding, details about the funds sourcing, and evidence of your good moral standing. Also, along with this, a proposal that outlines your innovative business idea.

Step 2: You are required to pay an application fee of €350 employing electronic fund transfer, which is non-refundable. The processing of the application will not start until the necessary payments have been fully paid. An underpayment of the fee will lead to delays in the application processing. Incomplete applications shall be returned

Documents required to apply for Irish Visa Start-up Entrepreneur Programme

) Proof of your comprehensive health insurance

2) Evidence of the funds that shall be utilized for the proposed start-up. Also, the applicant should be able to prove that they can transfer these funds to Ireland

3) Proof that you have a spotless criminal record in the form of an Original Police Clearance Certificate.

4) If you plan to relocate your existing business to Ireland, you will be required to provide the business’s latest audited accounts.

5) Also, a business plan is written by using the template provided on the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service website.

6) An original as well as the photocopy of the passport

7) Two passport-size photos

8) Character statements from the police of all countries have lived in the last six months or more in the ten years before applying.

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